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digitalmars.D.announce - Rederr - stdout/stderr redirector for Win32

This is a small utility to redirect the standard output and error 
streams, for those Windows versions that don't provide their own ways of 
doing it.

At the moment it depends on two of my library modules, both of which are 
in the SDWF distribution.

A typical use is

     rederr o=output.txt e=errors.txt program

with a few variations - a '!' before the '=' forces overwriting the 
file, and a '+' in the same position appends.

I spent ages exploring implementation strategies until I could get it to 
work, but it still has the odd limitation here and there:

- if redirecting stdout and stderr to the same file, for some strange 
reason I get the whole stderr followed by the whole stdout - a 
workaround is to redirect the lot to stdout and then redirect that from 
the shell

     rederr e= program > output.txt

- it seems to have trouble running stuff from the PATH (experiment with 
this a bit more)
- error messages could still be polished a bit

So Walter, your excuse for not liking stderr is now null and void!  (NPI)


Version: 3.1
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Sep 12 2005