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digitalmars.D - Re: Is there ANY chance we can fix the bitwise operator precedence

Andrei Alexandrescu Wrote:

 On 06/21/2010 01:27 PM, Sean Kelly wrote:
 Jonathan M Davis Wrote:
 In any case, that means that it could be made required to have a control
 statement at the end of a case block without having to specify a specific
 destination for fallthrough - though I'd prefer "continue switch" over "goto
 case" since it's more explicit and less error prone (since there's no doubt
 that you didn't intend to put a destination for the goto if you use
 "continue switch" instead of a "goto case" without a destination).
It's a small thing, but I think "continue switch" could be misleading. Consider this: switch (getState()) { case X: setState(Z); continue switch; case Y: break; case Z: writeln( "done!" ); } Having never encountered D before, what would be your interpretation of this code?
Well looks pretty good to me to be honest.
So if the initial state is X, is "done!" printed or not?
Jun 21 2010