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digitalmars.D - Operator Precedence Table in Online Docs

There is not currently an explicit operator precedence table in the online 
docs. While C/C++ is close enough that you can generally look at a C/C++ 
operator precedence table and figure it out if you need to, there are 
definitely folks who would like a D precedence table to look at (the 
question has come up on StackOverflow at least once). If nothing else, D 
does add some operators, and being able to see where they fit in at a quick 
glance would be useful. Not to mention, ideally, we wouldn't rely on C/C++ 
documentation to figure out D.

In any case, there is a fairly good operator precedence table (well, 
expression precedence table) in TDPL on pages 61 - 63, and I was thinking 
that it would be useful if some form of that table ended up in the online 
documentation at some point. It's something that some folks will definitely 
be looking for, and while I, personally, wouldn't look at all that often, it 
is the sort of thing that I'd expect in good online docs for a language.

So, anyway, this overly windy post was just to say that we should add an 
operator precedence table to the online docs. And there's already a good one 
to work with in TDPL.

- Jonathan M Davis
Jun 21 2010