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c++.stlsoft - VOLE 0.5.2 released

VOLE is an open-source C++ library that dramatically simplifies the business of
driving COM servers (via the IDispatch interface)
from C++.

VOLE is highly robust.

VOLE is very flexible, taking and returning normal C++ types, such as int,
double, std::string, std::wstring, and so on.

VOLE is 100% header only.

VOLE is compiler-independent, and has been verified to work with the following

* Digital Mars 8.50+
* GCC 3.4+
* Intel 8+
* Metrowerks CodeWarrior 8
* Visual C++ 6.0+

Release 0.5.2 incorporates:
 * changed the way vole::collection::get__NewEnum() works: it now makes two
attempts to elicit the enumerator, first via DISPATCH_PROPERTYGET and then as
 * fixed a defect in collection::Invoke() whereby an EXCEPINFO structure was
not freed
 * collection::Invoke() now uses the EXCEPINFO information when throwing an
 * enhanced vole::invocation_exception ctor to take pointer to EXCEPINFO as
(optional) third parameter. If an exception information pointer is passed, then
exception info result code takes preference if the 'outer' code is
DISP_E_EXCEPTION, and the the description (if any) is used in preference to the
system message for the result code

Note: this release of VOLE requires STLSoft 1.9.51, or later. Download from

Download from: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=185401
Discuss at: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=648398
Sep 06 2008