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c++.stlsoft - STLSoft 1.9.51 released

Download from http://stlsoft.org/


Changes for 1.9.51 (7th September 2008)


 * workaround for defective exception-throwing behaviour of
   stlsoft::conversion_error with VC6
 * fixed defect in WinSTL string access shims for SYSTEMTIME that faults
   when asked to process an invalid time value



  ~ stlsoft/error/conversion_error.hpp
     ~ fixed defect whereby the VC++ 6 compiler that causes the throwing of
	   any derived class to cause an ICE


  ~ winstl/shims/access/string/time.hpp
     ~ fixed defect whereby failure to convert, due to invalid date, results
	   in fault in shim string

Sep 06 2008