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c++.idde - project.exe?

reply Barry Barford <barrybarford tiscali.co.uk> writes:
Q. I created a project and added a test source file, an example
copied from a C book.
When I tried to execute the program, it says that it cannot find
project.exe file.
I deleted the project and started again  same result.
I must be missing something simple. Any ideas?
I am an experienced hardware design engineer, with some knowledge
of software(the occasional programming training course, with the
hardware in mind). I am totally new to this compiler.

Barry Barford
Apr 29 2009
parent Barry Barford <barrybarford tiscali.co.uk> writes:
I have just fixed my problem. I was not entering my test program
file as the compile prefers. Consequently. the compiler ignored it
and tried compiling the project code - which it could not do.
I now have another problem. The saga continues.
I am considering recording my problems here, and their solutions,
to help other idiots.
May 01 2009