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c++.idde - A lot of problems with the IDDE (the debugger, really)

reply Alex Ogheri <alessandroogheri yahoo.com> writes:
Hi dear all,
I was trying today to debug one of the examples shipped with the Digital Mars
compiler and environment.

Just to get a feel , I tried to load the MTMDI MFC32 sample project, and built
it with debug informations on.

I opened the bounce.cpp file in a windows of the IDDE and set a breakpoint on
one line of the source code using F9.

When then I try to debug, everything imaginable happens to me:

sometimes the program doesnt start: selecting the menu entry :
START DEBUG and then selecting step into, or step over or run until breakpoint
doesnt do anything...
if I try then to "restart debugging", this also doesnt work,
if I try to quit (EVEN TO QUIT,really!!) the IDDE, it complains about
... "not possible to quit while an app is still running" (what app ?? nothing
has still happened...)

if for some reasons sometimes somehow it works, I get dumped in the assembly
window, where the source line of C++ code are interspersed with the assembly ,
while I would like much more to see the C++ code only, and step through the
C++ code, not through the assembly...

I repeat, that I built with debug informations turned on, so this should not
be the reason...

I am sorry, I was high on expectations, but I am not able to get anything done
with this...
is someone else experiencing this, or is it my machine only ??
the version of the compiler is v834.12, so, admittedly a little bit old...
anyway I do not suspect problems of viruses or wrong dlls or instable
operating system (windows XP home,btw) because openwatcom or visual express
2008 works fine, for example... (ok, not that this is a "..prove..", of
course, but what I want to convey is that otherwise my machine is not a
machine that under other programs crashes or hangs (it doesnt under the
mentioned compilers, it doesnt under Excel, under Word, under Firefox...))

It is known that more recent versions are perhaps better with regard to the

Sep 20 2009
parent Alex Ogheri <alessandroogheri yahoo.com> writes:
I ve seen that if for example I debug MDI, another example project shipped with
digitalmars , which DOESNT USE THREADS!, all works WONDERFUL:
I can step through the assembly (and also, if I want, the interspersed C++ )
lines, but I can also move to the "editing" workspace, open the C++ source file
which I had placed the breakpoint and FROM HERE continue debugging stepping into
or stepping over ONLY pure C++ lines...
and, most important, no crash, no hangs, no problems...
Can it be that the multithreaded version of the example is somehow problematic,
something runs off control ?

thx in advance,
Sep 20 2009