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D - Another idea for the array resizing problem.

The array resizing problem I'm referring to is the use of ~= being slow in
loops like.

for (...)
    X ~= Z;

My idea is to maintain a small list (4 or 5) of items that have been
recently been re-placed due to not being able to fit in the present memory
area. When a dynamic array is created, a few of the following elements are
mark as reserved (in the list), and can only be used by the array which was
created there. It's kind like placing two arrays down. When some lifetime
runs out, or a new dynamic array is created, then the protected items are
removed from the list.

Of course there are still problems with this approach, but perhaps it could
be optimised more then the others. I think there is possibly for hardcoding
at least some of this algorithm at complier time.
Sep 06 2002