Last update Wed Feb 28 11:26:53 2018

Bug Reports

If there is a bug in the product, please submit a bug report. A bug would be a crash, a message about an "internal error" appears, when the behavior of the software doesn't match the documentation, or doesn't match the corresponding standard.

In order to submit a problem report, the most important issue is to make it reproducible in the smallest possible example. Through years of experience, we've found that 95% of bugs can be reproduced in 10 or fewer lines of code. A small reproducible example makes it far easier for us to identify just what the problem is, and what an approprate workaround or fix might be. Often, the process of whittling the problem down to just a few lines suggests its own workaround and so you won't be blocked by the problem while we work on it.

Please try to eliminate from the bug report any references to source code, headers, libraries, directories, etc., that are not included with the bug report and are not part of the Digital Mars distribution. Include a short .bat file which reproduces the problem.

Once the problem is packaged, post it to C++ bugzilla. To discuss the bug, post it in the appropriate Digital Mars news group. The problem may be a familiar one to other users, and so that is the fastest way to get a workaround or help. If it is a D programming language bug report, posting to D bugzilla is preferred.

We understand that sometimes the source code exhibiting the problem is proprietary, or a trade secret, or you are legally prevented from posting it. If so, please try and reproduce the problem in a short piece of code that would be free of such restrictions. If that is not possible, we'll be happy to sign an NDA for the bug report. We respect our customers' privacy and intellectual property rights; please identify any portions of the bug report which would be subject to restrictions. Email any proprietary bug reports to here.

Note: Digital Mars does not promise to fix any or all bugs or provide workarounds. Any fixes, updates, or workarounds are made available purely at the discretion of Digital Mars.

Here are some more suggestions on writing good bug reports.