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digitalmars.D - A linux makefile template with dependency generator

Greetings all,

I'm posting a makefile template that is useful for Linux and a Perl script
which can generate dependencies for D source files. I hope someone can
make use of them. I'm also including the makefile for my project Hydrus
(http://hydrus.org) as a real world example of how to use the template. By
the way, the Perl script would probably work on windows, except for maybe
the crlf translation. It just does simple open() and close() calls.

Look at the comments in the makefile template for an explanation on how to
use it. A couple of notes about the Hydrus makefile. Hydrus has a KDE
interface that is built as a library, then linked via the dmd compiler. So
there are a series of custom rules for how to manage that.


Chris Newton
Jan 09 2005