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digitalmars.empire - missing the manual

reply %u <jimfitzp comcast.net> writes:

I found my original Empire disk (720k) and was able to install it on my PC.  I
am surprised the disk is still readable after all these years.  Anyway, when I
started the game, it asked me to enter words from the manual before I could
play!  Darn, I forgot that kind of copy protection even existed.

Is there a link to a downloadable or on-line manual so I can enter the codes
and play the game again?  Thank you.

Jim F.
Nov 15 2006
next sibling parent csg <chrisgoetze comcast.net> writes:
have the same problem myself found this link and am downloading it
now. don't know if it will work yet but wanted to let you know about

Nov 18 2006
prev sibling next sibling parent CSG <chrisgoetze comcast.net> writes:
The downloaded manual worked
Nov 18 2006
prev sibling parent reply David <dharris00009 yahoo.com> writes:
Lucky you finding the disk.  I wish I could find mine I miss the
game.  I lost my book why over in Saudie in 1990 and played the
game by using (a) for the code for the longest.  After a few tries
I was in.  Ever want to sell that disk I would love to buy it.
Jul 12 2007
parent reply IrishDragon <irishdragonid yahoo.com> writes:
LOL, yeah. I forgot about the intro code...
I should scan the manual on-line sometime...Still have my dos version...
Mar 31 2008
parent Jake <jakedokken hotmail.com> writes:
I just found my version 2.05 running out of DOS. I'm on a mad
search now to find the original manual that goes with that
version. All I can find right now is a copy of the manual for
Empire Deluxe. I'm thinking about buying a copy of this if I can
find one that is not being sold for over $99. But I worry that it
won't have the same version. I'm trying to play the game in it's
natural habitat. If you have a copy of it please post. Someone
posted a link to the Empire Deluxe manual in response to this
thread a while ago but I'm looking for the original manual to get
past the old copyright protection.
Oct 16 2008