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digitalmars.empire - This game vs oryginals from b&w screens decades ago

reply mruk <mbk go2.pl> writes:
In the game I do remember there was some more reasonable solutions:
I) 8 directions indicated using 19 numerical keyboard what seems
natural. Key 5 to center map on the unit to command now.
II) City at land shouldn't produce ships!
III) Units should be as simple as possible to make easy difference
between them with as few MB as possible: army was a tank, fighter was
a fighter not a bird. Why not use similar to oryginal unit's icons?
IV) Player should choose map dimensions.
V) Maybe also difficulty lever ...
There is lack of functionality yet.
Some improvements - not in graphics but in functionality would be
required this days.
Anyway very good game it Was and it is good idea to renew it.
Jan 12 2010
parent Apteryx <kiwilaw aol.com> writes:
I agree on the symbols. But what happened to the bombardment
feature?  There also used ot be a feature where you could issue
one order to a group of armies to go to the same location.  Also,
now armies can't enter one of their own cities.  It would also be
nice to be able to change the color of other armies.  I was
playing yesterday and didn't realize that I had been invaded by an
enemy whose color was cyan or some other shade of red that was
almost indistinguishable from my own red forces.
Feb 09 2010