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digitalmars.empire - Patrol?

reply David <dculberson gmail.com> writes:
I got my start playing on the Amiga version of Empire, which had a "patrol"
feature, where you could set the piece to automatically move between two
points with no user interaction until an enemy piece was detected.  I couldn't
find anything in the current Classic Empire like that, other than "move
randomly."  Is there a Patrol feature?  I loved it.
Jan 09 2008
next sibling parent IrishDragon <irishdragonid yahoo.com> writes:
I have to second this.
Airplanes had Patrol "flight paths" (different from "Supply lines" where you
shuffle planes to the front)
I know Destroyers and Submarines could "Patrol"; not sure I ever tried it with
other ships...
Mar 31 2008
prev sibling parent Sjaak <sj solcon.nl> writes:
Version 2.05C 24-Oct-88 is my favourite version and it has a
patrol feature:
Aug 24 2008