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digitalmars.empire - I got it

reply Dave Marcus <dmarcus48 gmail.com> writes:
I read the manual and saw I needed to type Empire -1 for one human player,
works fairly well!  Oh boy!
Sep 29 2010
parent reply Albert Ivor Morin <albertmorin gmail.com> writes:
Greetings Dave Marcus or others

I read your post and seen that you appear to have an original version
working fairly well! What type of machine are you using? And what
program or programs do you need?

I'm wanting to play the original Interstel version once more if possible!

Can anyone help!
May 20 2011
parent Albert Ivor Morin <albertmorin gmail.com> writes:
I did get Empire 2.01 for windows to work.  Not great graphics and play
is cumbersome.  Not quite like the Interstel version of long ago that I
enjoyed playing.  Plus it is a bummer that I have to use the keyboard
for movement.  But, I am able to play it and it does bring back some
memories. And, gets easier once you've played it a time or two.

Easy to loose pieces by running ships aground by moving ships by mistake
to land squares or walking armies by mistake into water squares.  As, I
lost a couple pieces in my first attempt to play.

May 20 2011