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digitalmars.empire - Heavier enemy ships

reply james <timdrocks mchsi.com> writes:
Still addicted after all these years. But in 100 games, I have
never been beat by the computer. Its just a matter of choosing A:
How quickly can I beat them, or  B: create a massive task force
and see how large of a continent I can wipe clean and occupy in a
single turn. Although it is great fun to land in enemy ports and
destroy everything hiding there (and theres plenty if you have
been harassing them with battleships), and then clear the entire
coastline with numerous cruiser salvos, then finish them off by
emptying all inland troops with planes.
   But I can only do this so many times.
   I have NEVER seen an enemy Submarine, Cruiser, Carrier, or
   I play on a commodore 64 (I buy up old systems on ebay for the
sole purpouse of playing empire). I have 3 screens in my room. One
is this PC I am using now, another just showing cable TV, and
another hooked up to my C-64 with almost always an active empire
game on the screen.
   I want to kill something better than just transports and an
occasional destroyer or plane. I want to wail on enemy battleships
that will challenge my plans. Please help, is there som esetting I
am missing? If I crank up the enemies production to 100% will that
coax them into making them?
Feb 17 2007
parent william <magewuffa gmail.com> writes:
well I played on a amiga 3000, and all aways had to deal with enemy Submarine,
Cruiser, Carrier, or
Battleships. so no help there good luck. i would try the crank up the enemies
production to 100% and take a map you know very well that puts you on the other
side and wait?
Mar 26 2007