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digitalmars.empire - FORTRAN Empire difficulty level?

reply Bob Scheurle <njtbob2 X-verizon-X.net> writes:
I'm using a derivative* of the VAX/VMS FORTRAN 77 Empire (Version 4.0,
dated 18-Jan-81) which I converted to run on a PC.  This version has the
random map generation.  I've seen references to a version 5.0 and a note
that it allowed the user to select the difficulty level.  I'd like to add
this to my version.

Does anyone know how the user-selectable difficulty level was
implemented?  Or maybe someone has a code snippet?  I could just keep
picking cities randomly until the desired level was found by chance, but
there's probably a better way.

( * My version appears to come from the original DECUS FORTRAN 77
version.  I obtained it in 1983 and converted it to FORTRAN IV and ran it
on a Sperry mainframe.  I also fixed some bugs, added a "follow shore"
mode for armies and ships, and added a greatly enhanced map printout,
along with other minor features.  I recently retrieved it from one of my
9-track tapes and converted it (using the Open Watcom FORTRAN 77
compiler) to run as a DOS application on a PC using ANSI.SYS.  I added
single-character input and converted the map printout to write an RTF
file so it can be easily printed on 8.5x11 paper.)

Bob Scheurle
njtbob2 X-verizon-X.net
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Aug 26 2008
parent Roger Knobbe <rknobbe gmail.com> writes:
Is there any change of getting a copy of this derivative?
Dec 07 2008