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digitalmars.empire - Enjoing with MULTIPLAY !!!

Hello everybody who like this old-school game!

So, this is a story how the multiplay between two players could 
to be started.

Firstly I take two typical monitors and two typical computers, 
typical I mean present time machines, not very old. Only in one 
comp I find the Floppy drive unit and this comp will be as master.

The next step was to install on both comp the MS-DOS 6.22 , I 
very hope it will be absolutely possible for all.

Done? Perfect!

Basically I need nothing more than just one floppy with the 
Empire 1.10.
I downloaded this version here and copy it on my master’s drive 
C: and on 1.44 floppy diskette.

So, the next step is to find null-modem cable for further 
connecting both computers  via COM1 ports. I find the absolutely 
standard cable 10meters and connect it.

Next we need to wright in autoexec.bat the following:
Mode com1:9600,n,8,1
Each time you start ms-dos it’s automatically set port as we need.

And finally we need to emulate our slave (comp without floppy) as 
the terminal.

I use the perfect MS-DOS Kermit 3.16 which you find on 
I just put MSK316.exe on both comp in drive C:

And here we go:

Start Kermit on both comp – MSK316.exe
We have >ms-kermit
Print next commands on both machines:
Set port com1 (Enter)
Set speed 9600 (Enter)
Set parity none (Enter)
Set term byte 8 (Enter)
Set terminal width 132 (Enter)

Now we firstly start the emulation on our SLAVE comp by printing:
Connect (enter)

The emulation started and you can see on the bottom:  9600 8n1 
echo:rem VT320 :time:
Now we going to the MASTER and insert floppy with empire1.10

NOT NEEDED to print CONNECT on the MASTER !!!!

Just go to the directory by printing:
cd empire
run empire

After empire started:
Sound  - N
Players – 2
-----player one-----
4 – terminal on com1
I like monitor as ASCII
-----player two----
IBM display

After the player one creates his first city product demands your 
terminal session start too.
ENJOY !!!!!!!

PS. It’s possible to connect two Kermit’s computers via TCP\IP 
Find MS-DOS Kermit documentation on the internet.
Apr 13 2017