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digitalmars.empire - Empire for the iMac

I like Empire Wargame of the Century and run it on my Window XP 
machine.  It's Empire ver 2.05 for DOS. I can run it under DosBox 
under Windows or I can boot up into pseudo-DOS on a floppy.

Now I'm considering buying an Apple iMac with macos 10.14 and I 
don't know if there's a way to run Empire.  Per apple's 
documentation, boot up into DOS is not possible.  DosBox is 
possible but I can't see whether or not Empire will work, and 
receive all the keystrokes from the keyboard such as the numeric 
keypad used for direction movement.

Does anyone have experience with Empire Wargame of the Century on 
an iMac?
Feb 09 2019