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digitalmars.empire - DOS versions, by Bob Norby

reply ArthurT <lrgbutplug yahoo.com> writes:
I have both the archives of the DOS version by Bob Norby.
The are ver 5.0, and 5.1 color.
I think that they were ported on the DEC Rainbow.

Would you be interested in making those availble for download or should they
just disappear into the bit bucket?
May 13 2008
parent EmperorTex <TexSky00 yahoo.com> writes:
I'm assuming that the archives include the source code.

Yes, I'd like to see this added. I still play the 5.1 color version
from time to time. The play experience is different from the old
VMS version I first used, but it is still fun.
May 21 2008