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digitalmars.D - std.experimental.checkedint Formal Review

reply Robert burner Schadek <rburners gmail.com> writes:
It is time to formally review Andrei's checkedint.

Checkedint is a wrapper for integer types that allows to run code 
on over/underflows, define NaN like init states and more.

The PR can be found here:

The dub package can be found here: (1)

The docs can be seen through CyberShadow/DAutoTest in the PR.

Due to the holidays the review period is extended to **2016-01-05 

Please browse through the comments of the PR to keep this 
discussion DRY.
Style nitpicks should be made on github.

The discussion in this thread should be about the design and 
phobos inclusion worthiness (PIW) of the module, not about where 
to place braces.

(1) Andrei, please make sure they are in sync.
Dec 15 2016
next sibling parent Robert burner Schadek <rburners gmail.com> writes:
**2017-01-05 (AoE)** of course
Dec 15 2016
prev sibling parent Robert burner Schadek <rburners gmail.com> writes:
The review is over, there has been one comment on github "build 
error with DAutoTest:". It has been fixed.

If there are no comments until 2017-01-12 and Andrei agrees I 
will put checkedint to a vote.
Jan 05 2017