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digitalmars.D - std.demangle.demangle()


I tried posting this to the Phobos list but it failed!

I've been writing a tool that requires me to demangle D mangled 
names.  To check it I've been running the tool on its self 
including its mangled names (that I get from the profiler).  I've 
discovered that std.demangle.demangle() cannot demangle these 
mangled names:




The first one is obvious (_Dmain is not mangled).

To verify these were correctly mangled I wrote a name demangler 
based on the grammar on the D web site (that grammar appears to 
be incorrect for structs, and does not include cent and ucent).

Based on my new-found knowledge of how name mangling and 
demangling works I'm about to try and debug 

If someone can tell me that this bug has been fixed it'll save me 
a day of work.  If not then I'll post a patch once (if?) I've 
found the bug.

Mar 10 2016