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digitalmars.D.learn - vibe.d's example is good,but Memory Usage is bigger than beeblog?

reply "FrankLike" <1150015857 qq.com> writes:
I build the vibe.d's example: http-server-example,the exe's size 
is 5M ,it's very good, is better than go's beeblog,the beeblog's 
size is 12M.

I very like D,but the Memory Usage is bigger than go's exe.
http-server-example.exe's Memory Usage is 3.5M,but the beeblog's 
Memory Usage is 2.5M,I don't believe it,really?
I very hope vibe.d should have a lowwer Memory Usage than go's 

Like D.

May 08 2014
parent "FrankLike" <1150015857 qq.com> writes:
The form-interface-example.exe's Memory Usage is 3.5M,if have 
some error,then Memory Usage is 6.7M,if error is closed,the 
Memory Usage keeps in 6.7M ,until you close the exe.

the error :such as

'500 - Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error

Internal error information:
object.Exception ..\..\source\vibe\http\form.d(234): No method 
found that matches the found form data:
failed: '

Like D.
May 08 2014