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reply "Jaehunt" <jaeyoep gmail.com> writes:
Hi, I tried to compare two sets by opCmp, but I couldn't get 
correct outputs.

Does anyone help me?

I have same sets of set S1 = [1,2,3] and S2 = [1,2,3].

Output of S1<S2 should be false because S1 is not a proper subset.

However, S1<=S2 should be true because S1 is a subset of S1.

I can't make a difference between two sets by if statements, so I 
can't make different output.

Does any have a idea for it?

Thank you.
Jul 17 2013
parent "bearophile" <bearophileHUGS lycos.com> writes:

 Does any have a idea for it?
Unfortunately this is a design limitation of D operator overloading. I have shown this problem in the main D newsgroup lot of time ago. I don't remember the answer, but nothing changed. You can bring the problem again in the main D newsgroup... In the meantime you have to define UFCS functions as: s1.isSubset(s2) s2.isStrictSubset(s2) Bye, bearophile
Jul 17 2013