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reply "yawniek" <dlang srtnwz.com> writes:
i'm trying to get a thrift example working within a dub project.
it seems that the thrift.d in the dub repo is not whats actually 
needed but
i should link against libthriftd.a that comes from the official 
thrift distro.

what i tried is add the following to dub.json:

	"libs": ["/path/to/thrift/lib/d/libthriftd.a"],
	"sourcePaths": ["/path/to/thrift/lib/d/src"],

but that seems not to be the correct thing to do.

anyone has a working example (e.g. the calculator example)?

Nov 27 2014
parent "yawniek" <dlang srtnwz.com> writes:
got it to work by using the thrift code from the fbthrift repo 
(minus the tests).
Nov 28 2014