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digitalmars.D.learn - template class properties

I got another qestion regarding fucntion templates:

Why isn't it possible to use the "property syntax" with function templates?

import std.stdio;

void test(int x = 0)( int y ){
    writefln( "tmpl:", x, " val:", y);

int test2(int x = 0)(){
    return 15;

int main(){    
    writefln( test2() ); //works
    writefln( test2 );   // doesn't work:  "Error: template test2(int x = 0)
has no value"

    test!(2)(3); //works
    test(3);     //works
    test = 3;    //doesn't work: "Error: test is not an lvalue" 
                      //and "Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (3) of
type int to void

    return 0;

I would also be interested to know why the  "property syntax" is not documented
as an alternative to write function calls of functions with special signatures
( cause for me it looks like that ), but instead in as "class properties" (
although it works also with not-member functions ).

thank you
Dec 27 2007