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digitalmars.D.learn - suitability for packet inspections

Hello together,

we are currently using some C-program on a linux-box in front of some
servers. This program analyses the content of the TCP-packets and then
decides what to do with them (routing forward, discarding, rewrite etc.).
Think about it like a very complex netfilter-like program in userspace.

Since a rewrite is queued I wonder if D would be feasible to be used in this
context. Multithreading and regular expressions are needed and D seems to
be quite powerful in these areas (at least regexp ;-) ).

Are D and Tango already in a useable state (with performance in comparison
to C) to get such a packet filter working? I know, quite broadly verbalised
and especially performance questions are too subjective, but I'll ask
anyhow ;-)

Thank you,
Aug 13 2007