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I looked into the phobos docs the other day, found std.system and after =

trying it out I learned an interesting fact: My Windows 2000 has version=

4.0 and is, in fact, Windows XP (maybe because my program was compiled  =

with DMD 0.0 - sorry for being sarcastic, but it seems that Phobos isn't=

really that accurate when it comes to version numbers). After having a  =

closer look at system.d I understand that it would always report Windows=

XP 4.0.

Isn't it kind of pointless and counter-productive to have std.system in =

Phobos if it doesn't do anything at all besides initializing to impossib=
le  =

defaults? I think it should be removed for now, until it's at least  =

somewhat useful and doesn't promise to do something that isn't  =

implemented. Or at least make a note in the docs that it is currently a =



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Oct 12 2006