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I am fiddling again with writing a D version of Me TV to compare with
the C++ (already declared dead), and the Rust version (currently the
'real' version).

=46rom the main thread (which eventually becomes the GTK+3 event loop
thread) I spawn three threads to create "actors" that pass messages.
Actually it is a pipeline.

1 =E2=86=92 2 =E2=86=92 3

The intention will then be that Actor 3 communicates with the GTK+3
event loop in whatever way is allowed.

All three threads seem to start. 3 always goes straight into receive.
In some circumstances 2 sends messages to 3 before it enters it's
receive, in other circumstances it goes straight into receive. 1
alternates between a listening activity not to do with the threads and
a receive (for termination). 1 and 2 are seen to execute sends to the
correct Tid, but no receive ever executes. I tried putting Variant as
the last option to see if there were message but just of the wrong
type, and=E2=80=A6 no message received. It seems that receive is blocking a=
never being triggered even though provably there are sends that should
trigger a receive.

So I assume I am doing something very silly that causes this, or my
code is wrong in some other way.

The code is at:


src/inotify_daemon.d contains Actor 1 code.
src/frontend_manager.d contains Actor 2 code.
src/control_window.d contains Actor 3 code.

src/main.d has the startup code.
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May 31 2018