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digitalmars.D.learn - removing module level from ddox output

Is there a way to flatten out the documentation hierarchy 
generated by ddox? To be more clear, when we generate 
documentation with dub -b ddox, the main page lists all my 
modules, and each module page lists all the classes in that 
module, etc. I want to remove the modules from the main page and 
just list my classes as if they were in a single module without 
having to put everything in a single file.

We can already do this from a code point of view by publicly 
importing stuff in package.d, so from the user's perspective 
there is only a single module with some classes in it (they don't 
have to worry about how I organized things in various files). Is 
there a way to make the documentation match this simple import 

I suspect it's possible by redefining some ddoc macros in 
package.d, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it or if 
there's and easier way.

Mar 07 2017