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digitalmars.D.learn - regexp library and utf

It seems that the std.regexp module doesn't correctly handle non-ASCII text
and wildcard matching - or am I doing something wrong?

 import std.stdio;
 import std.regexp;
 import std.utf;
 void test(char[] sample, char[] pat)
    int pos;
    writefln("sample = %s", cast(ubyte[])sample);
    pos = find(sample, pat);
    writefln("Where = %s %s", cast(ubyte[])pat, pos);
 void main()
    test("\u3026a\u2021\u5004b\u4011", "a\u2021\u5004b");
    test("\u3026a\u2021\u5004b\u4011", "a..b");

    test("1a23b4", "a23b");
    test("1a23b4", "a..b");


This test fails when the pattern is "a..b" and the sample contains
non-ASCII text but works on all the other cases.

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2/10/2006 11:20:28 AM
Oct 01 2006