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digitalmars.D.learn - rdmd and -I args in Windows

I'm trying to compile a small project with rdmd with this line:

rdmd --build-only -JC:\Users\luis\Documents\GitHub\DEDCPU-16\src 
  -IGtkD\src -Ibuild 

And I get this error :
std.file.FileException std\file.d(699): src\Config.d: El sistema 
no puede encontrar el archivo especificado.  (Aka "System can't 
find the file")

Why this is happening ? I try with absolute and relative paths 
and nothing it's working.

main source code file (lem1802_fontview.d) have this initial 
lines :
   module lem1802_fontview;

   import Config;

   import ...

Config.d is placed in 
C:\Users\luis\Documents\GitHub\DEDCPU-16\build\src , being 
generated by CMake and contains :
   module Config;

   enum VERSION_MAJOR = ...

Directory tree :
Main - C:\Users\luis\Documents\GitHub\DEDCPU-16
    \--->src                  <- Here is lem1802_fontview.d
    \--->build                <- Here is generated Config.d
Jun 06 2012