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digitalmars.D.learn - pure delegates and opApply

I have some use cases where I am trying to iterate over a 
collection in a pure function. The collection doesn't change, but 
the foreach loop body updates a variable elsewhere in the 
function body. (I'm reimplementing reduce as pure nothrow, and 
the variable in question is the accumulator).

Since opApply is implemented as a delegate, though, this prevents 
my function from being pure. The delegate isn't pure because it 
writes through its context pointer - but the context pointer 
shouldn't capture anything outside of the calling function's 
scope  (I have no idea how to verify this).

In other words, if I replaced the foreach with a for-loop, my 
function would be pure.

I see 3 possible takes on this, please tell me if I'm hot or cold:

1) foreach is the idiomatic D way to iterate, but since I am 
insisting on purity, I have to accept that I might have to do 
things in a non-idiomatic way and go for the for-loop.

2) ranges are the other idiomatic D way to iterate, and if I want 
purity then I should be working with ranges anyway (as they have 
a more mathematical flavor to them than foreach or for)

3) opApply ought to be considered pure if the supplied delegate 
doesn't modify anything outside of the calling function's scope 
Jul 29 2014