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digitalmars.D.learn - produce standard notation for strings


I need to write one or more tool functions that produce standard notation for 
strings. Something like python's repr(s). For instance:
def     "ghi" jkl`
"abc\ndef\t\"ghi\" jkl"
which, fed back into D code, reproduces the original string. I have actually 
several formats in mind, depending on which class(es) of chars are conserved 
literally or not (eg only \x20..\x7f), including a hex-only one.

First, is there something like that in stock (phobos or not) and I haven't 
searched well?

Else, I wonder about the best way to do it? Use replace(), manually iterate, 
use regexes (with replace func)? What else. How would you do it?

Thank you,
vita es estrany
Feb 13 2011