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digitalmars.D.learn - need workaround for compiler bug

reply mandel <myemail no.com> writes:
Hi D community,

because of some bugs in the dmd compiler (?)
my code (mostly interfaces) doesn't compile any more after I added a file

I have stripped down most stuff now.
But I can't figure out a workaround after days of trying

Atm. I get a undefined reference.
The key problem seems to be the "import core.File_;" in Search.d that triggers
the undefined reference. But I need the declarations from that file.

Can anybody give me a hint how to workaround this problem?
But I need to keep the interface structure.

I compile the files this way on my system:
$ rebuild -version=Posix -version=Tango  core/Main.d -ofmain -I/opt/dmd/import
-I/usr/include -L-L/opt/dmd/lib -L/opt/dmd/lib/libtango.a
-L/opt/dmd/lib/libphobos.a  -L-lz  -oqobj
Oct 23 2007
parent mandel <nomail foo.com> writes:
That was the problem:

dmd forget to make symbols when you have circular dependencies in your code
and compile each source file individally.

Solution: give dmd all source files in one command line.
Oct 24 2007