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digitalmars.D.learn - "lld-link: error: could not open libcmt.lib: no such file or

reply moth <postmaster gmail.com> writes:
hi all!

after a long while away, i thought i'd download the latest D 
release and give learning it another shot. unfortunately, it 
looks like i screwed up somewhere big time =[

it was working fine for me before [a few months ago i think], but 
now whenever i try to compile i get the message "lld-link: error: 
could not open libcmt.lib: no such file or directory". sometimes, 
depending on what i'm trying to compile, it complains it can't 
find "OLDNAMES.lib" as well.

i thought it was just that i had installed D wrong at first, but 
i've uninstalled / reinstalled a dozen times now and it's still 
not working.

could i really have deleted whatever it's looking for somehow? i 
really want to be able to program in D, but i'm at my wit's end...

please help! =[
- moth
Jul 10 2019
parent moth <postmaster gmail.com> writes:
in case anyone else suffers from this in the future and is 
looking for a solution - redownloading visual studio 2017 and 
making sure the c++ workload was enabled fixed this for me. i'm 
not really sure why that worked, but i'm just happy to be able to 
learn again.

trans rights!
- moth
Jul 11 2019