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digitalmars.D.learn - [issue std.regex] Fail to match with negative look-ahead assertion

Although I wanted to post this context at: 
but even I registered at,I could not login to.


As long as I know a little about RegExp, the two below patterns 
are the same:

[ 1 ]:

[ 2 ]:

but the number [ 1 ] is false and the [ 2 ] is true, whereas it 
should be true for both:


void main( immutable string[] args ){
	immutable string str = "ab some-word ";
	Regex!( char ) rx = regex( `^(?:[ab]|ab)(.)(?:(?!\1).)+\1$` );
	immutable bool     b1 = !matchFirst( str, rx ).empty();

	writeln( b1 );	// false ( should be true )
	rx = regex( `^(?:ab|[ab])(.)(?:(?!\1).)+\1$` );
	immutable bool     b2 = !matchFirst( str, rx ).empty();

	writeln( b2 );	// true
Demo on regex101.com:

the main problem is not related to character class [], since the 
following is true for both:



but with: (.)(?:(?!\1).) it fails if a character-class appears at 
the beginning.

I am not sure but may it is the same bug that GCC below the 
version 5.3.0 have had.

here is my question on Stack-Overflow and found out this bug:
May 16 2017