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digitalmars.D.learn - irrelevant compiler error messages: should stop semantic3 passes

In a number of cases I get very large compile error messages after running
rdmd main_module.d

Upon inspection, running rdmd -v fun.d reveals that the irrelevant error
messages are in different semantic3 passes:

semantic3 module_with_relevant_error
relevant error (eg: Error: no property 'x' for type 'y')
semantic3 module_with_irrelevant_error
irrelevant error (only coming from the fact that there was an error in a
prior semantic pass)
and the list goes on for large number of lines.

Why not just start semantic3 passes at 1st error occurence ?
or at least only show those by default?

in all cases i've encountered all that was needed for me to see was the 1st
faulty semantic3 pass, all other was irrelevant artifacts stemming from
May 20 2013