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digitalmars.D.learn - generate a simple quiz

  i to need to generate a simple quiz for the following quiz types:
 Multiple-choice questions (MCQs).
  Which of the following ….
o  a) …..
o  b) …..
o  c) …..

the quiz generator will start by asking to enter the name of the 
quiz and How many questions needed for MCQs and questions. After 
that the application will ask to enter questions and their answers

Use radio buttons for choices and indicate which choice will be 
the correct answer. Write a JavaScript code to do the marking 
process. If the selected answer is correct increment the "Score" 
by one mark for each question. At the end create a button 
"onSubmit" name it 'See your Results'. This button will print a 
list (table-wise) indicating question number and correct or not 
correct. The final score should be shown at the end . (example: 
Your Score is:  15 out of 20)

i need help guys i don't have experience in javascript
and i need to finsh this web app before 2 may

plzzz help
Apr 26 2017