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reply Johnson Jones <JJ Dynomite.com> writes:
Trying to get it to work.

1. The libraries from the main download site seem to be in coff 
format for x86. This means they don't really work for dmd. I use 
omf and I tried to use coffimplib on the lib files and it says 
they are not import libraries.

2. The x64 version works without issue. (I was able to run the 
test version after adding the dll's, since the libs seem to 
require them for some oddball reason)

3. When I use -m32mscoff I get

Win32\Debug DMD\test.obj Offset 00000H Record Type 004C
  Error 138: Module or Dictionary corrupt

4. Also, visual Studio cannot launch the x64 program with the 
debugger attached so I have to run it from the command line. It 
was working before, but when I started messing with the ffmpeg 
stuff it broke. So at this point the only way I can use ffmpeg is 
x64 and running stuff from the command line... This is not the 
way I want to go.
Aug 18 2017
parent Jolly James <j.j jmail.com> writes:
On Saturday, 19 August 2017 at 02:50:44 UTC, Johnson Jones wrote:
 Trying to get it to work.
You could just try to use/call the ffmeg executable as wrapper. For sure, not the best, but proabably the easiest solution. Afaik it also supports pipes.
Aug 19 2017