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digitalmars.D.learn - exporting analysispoint labels into symbol tables

I have a use case that requires  repeating performance 
measurements of blocks of code that do not coincide with function 
start and stop.  For example, a function will be calling several 
sub-operations, and I  need to measure the execution from the 
call statement until the execution of the statement following the 

So, ideally, I'd like to mark the start and stop points in the 
source code with label pairs, and have these exported as 
symbol/address pairs.

I would read these label names with an external app, and would 
set up the performance measurement start and stop window 
boundaries without modifying the target code.

Does D provide any feature that would allow me to export such 
labels?  I've seen some discussion of use of goto labels within 
the program, but nothing about exporting them for use by an 
external app.  I've also read through the recent info on user 
annotations, but those seem to be associated with data properties 
and it isn't apparent to me if they could provide program address 

Sep 16 2014