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digitalmars.D.learn - dub preBuildCommand not working

I added the followiing to my dub.json:

	"preBuildCommand": [
		"C:\\Users\\user003\\Desktop\\Nova pasta\\a.exe",
		"C:\\dm\\bin\\rcc.exe -32 -D__NT__ res.rc -o sources\\res.res"
But neither command is executed. "C:\\Users\\user003\\Desktop\\Nova pasta\\a.exe" is a D application created by myself to check if that command is being run. It creates a text file when it does run. What possibily can be? I've tried:
 dub --build=debug
 dub --build-release
 dub clear
then all the build attempts again but none worked. I getting to know dub so I still have no idea what can be.
Mar 06 2018