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digitalmars.D.learn - [dub] Size of executable

[Maybe this has been asked before.]

I usually use dub to create and build projects. I built one of 
the projects with dub and then by hand with dmd[1] passing all 
the files etc. Turned out that the executable built with dub was 
1.4 MB whereas the one built by hand was only 807 kB. Why is that?

Another thing, I've spotted a typo in dub's[2] command line help:

clean [<package>]     Removes intermetiate build files and cached 

It should read "intermediate" (with "d"), else it sounds like the 
Goths in Asterix :-)

[1] dmd 2.066.0
[2] DUB version 0.9.22, built on Sep 16 2014
Nov 27 2014