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digitalmars.D.learn - dsss.conf prebuild being ignored

I have this dsss.conf, in a subdir below the main one.  The problem is 
the the prebuild line (righ below "version (Posix)") is ignored.  Can 
anyone spot a syntax error that might be causing this?  The echo command 
line works fine when I run it in the shell.  allegro-config is just a 
script that returns libraries to be linked with.

buildflags = -I..
releaseflags = -O -inline -release -w running.d
version (Windows) {
     releaseflags += -gui agl.lib alleg.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib 
opengl32.lib \
version (Posix) {
     prebuild = eval echo add *:releaseflags `allegro-config --libs | 
sed -e s/\-L/-L-L/g -e s/\-l/-L-l/g \-es/\-Wl,/-L/g`
     releaseflags += -L-lagl -L-lGL -L-lGLU

Nov 20 2007