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digitalmars.D.learn - dmc can't find masm386 in path when building druntime

reply Andrej Mitrovic <none none.none> writes:
I don't know what it is with DMC, but it's unable to find masm386 in my path.
Take a look:

D:\DMD\dmd2\src\druntime>dmc -c src\rt\minit.asm
masm386 -DM_I386=1 -D_WIN32 -Mx src\rt\minit.asm;

Can't run 'masm386', check PATH

But if I run it manually:
D:\DMD\dmd2\src\druntime>masm386 -DM_I386=1 -D_WIN32 -Mx src\rt\minit.asm

Then it works. So what's wrong with DMC? I've put masm386.exe in the bin folder
of DMC, it's in the PATH..
Jan 09 2011
parent Andrej Mitrovic <andrej.mitrovich gmail.com> writes:
Sorry, it's not an issue with DMC. It's an issue with Walter's make
from the looks of it. I'm still trying to figure out why it can't find
masm though..
Jan 09 2011