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digitalmars.D.learn - deprecation warning after upgrade

Hi All,

In my generic code I now get this error, which requires manually 
finding all -a[] array ops, but that is another matter.

Deprecation: integral promotion not done for -_param_1[pos], use 
'-transition=intpromote' switch or -cast(int)(_param_1[pos])

Is there a way to avoid this in generic code so I can still take 
advantage of array ops? E.g.

this.vec[] = -this.vec[];

Or do I have to do some wrangling like this?

this.vec = this.vec.map!(a => -cast(int)(a)).array.to!(T[]) ??

What would be a good idiomatic way to fix this deprecation issue? 
I do not want to use the flag but make my code better, not mask 
the issue.

Feb 07 2018