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digitalmars.D.learn - default construction is disabled for type

reply Machine Code <jckj33 gmail.com> writes:
What's that error? below code used to work fine, now it gives 
this compiler error.

class Keyword
	this(string value, Token type)
		this.value = value;
		this.type = type;

	string value;
	Token type;
	Keyword next;

static Keyword[] hashtab = new Keyword[hashtab_siz];
Mar 05 2019
parent reply Machine Code <jckj33 gmail.com> writes:
 public this() { }
Doesn't change anything...
Mar 05 2019
parent Machine Code <jckj33 gmail.com> writes:
So I find out the issue: it was due a struct member of the class 
having  disable this();
Mar 05 2019