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digitalmars.D.learn - customized "new" and pointer alignment

I want to do explicit memory allocation for some of my objects,

I'm reading:  http://digitalmars.com/d/memory.html#newdelete

which says:

# The pointer returned from new() must be to memory aligned to the default
alignment. This is 8 on win32 systems.

Then on the next section:


new(size_t sz)
    {   void *p;

	p = &buffer[bufindex];
	bufindex += sz;
	if (bufindex > buffer.length)
	    throw new OutOfMemory;
	return p;

Is this code correct? I mean the object size (sz) could be any integer, how
can one ensure the alignment requirement?

If the above code in "Mark/Release" is incorrect, can anyone tell me how to
return aligned memory pointers?  and for lots of small objects, does alignment
waste too much memory?

Jan 29 2007