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digitalmars.D.learn - curl_easy_setopt not callable

Hi guys,

I recently updated my DMD-setup to 2.063.2 and having some 
problems using the curl library. I wrote something like that:

curl_slist* headers;
headers = curl_slist_append(headers, cast(char*) toStringz(user ~ 
": " ~ pass));

curl_easy_setopt(ch, CurlOption.timeout_ms, timeout);
curl_easy_setopt(ch, CurlOption.httpheader, headers);

But dmd says that curl_easy_setopt "...is not callable using 
argument types (void, CurlOption, curl_slist*)" and "... is not 
callable using argument types (void, CurlOption, ushort)" 
(because timeout is ushort data type). Any suggestions how to 
solve these problems? In previous dmd-builds it compiles without 
any errors...
Sep 28 2013