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digitalmars.D.learn - const/immutable violation?

reply Ashish Myles <marcianx gmail.com> writes:
I saw examples in the D Programming Language book (Page 256) where 
opAssign() took a ref argument instead of a const ref. So I figured I 
would test it out and see if the compiler complains if I try to assign a 
const or immutable struct to another one.

import std.stdio;

struct Foo
     auto ref opAssign(ref Foo s)
         s.x = 4; // modifying mutable object !!!
         x = s.x;
         return this;

     private int x = 0;

void main(string[] args)
     immutable(Foo) foo = Foo();
     auto foo2 = Foo();
     writefln("(immutable!) foo.x = %s", foo.x); // prints 0
     foo2 = foo; // allowed immutable RHS ???
     writefln("(immutable?) foo.x = %s", foo.x); // prints 4

Turns out it doesn't, and it seems to violate immutability. Is there 
something I am misunderstanding here?

The example above compiles with both gdc and dmd for D2. It also works 
with immutable replaced by const.

Apr 30 2011
parent Jason House <jason.james.house gmail.com> writes:
Ashish Myles Wrote:

      foo2 = foo; // allowed immutable RHS ???
Allowing this is a bug. File it in bugzilla. Unfortunately, lazy objects "mess up" the expected const correctness of Object. Even if they are logically const, lazy objects can't always be passed as const.
May 01 2011