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digitalmars.D.learn - compile shared lib with dub

reply "dom" <oggs gmx.at> writes:
i want to build a shared library (.so) with dub. currently i 
compile with a shell script, but i'd like to use dub

dmd -c test.d -fPIC
dmd -ofcod4xalicebridge.so test.o -shared -g -w -debug 

could anyone tell me how my dub.json has to look like?

my >failing< dub.json :/
         "name": "cod4xalicebridge",
         "description": "A minimal D application.",
         "copyright": "Copyright © 2015, root",
         "authors": ["root"],
         "targetType": "dynamicLibrary",
         "dflags": ["-fPIC", "-shared"],
         "dependencies": {
Jun 25 2015
parent "dom" <oggs gmx.at> writes:
ok i actually did everything right x3 ... but my code threw some 
warnings which are interpreted as errors by default.

Jun 25 2015